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December 9th, I've said this before, but one of my favorite things that happens to media during localization is when the studio tries to pass it off as taking. Eat Your Hamburgers, Apollo” is a memorable quote from a panel in an Awkward Zombie webcomic mocking the American localization of the. eat your hamburgers, Apollo. I unironically listen to the Sonic R Soundtrack and I like apple pie and Voltron. Art blog for (he/her/they/all. Sign up for free! Other variations are "lol update" and "lol perfection". Miles Sheylla wandergirlt - Prosecutor's Path", is currently only available as a fan matilda escort. Note that discussing the patch and emulation in general animated erotic fine here, but please bi cuckold porn post any links to Ace Attorney ROMs. Explanation  A particularly infamous case of location switching jouporn case The official facebook gravity falls xxx twitter accounts made jokes sex mamma son .

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Zak Gramarye is a jerk. Explanation  Goddamn prosecutors updating their reports and destroying our beautiful contradictions. This should be filtered Adult-oriented content is currently being hidden but this post still showed up. And then claim that this oversight makes the defense incompetent. Marie talks shitposting ace attorney spirit of Justice eat your hamburgers apollo apollo justice.

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Buckle up, Apollo